Monday, 20 April 2009

ZPR girls and BOY!

Yes I am male and I’ve been catapulted into the female-dominated world of ZPR. But fear not readers, the life-size David Beckham poster is still in place (soon to be joined by a life-size Jennifer Anniston poster?) and topics of conversation still include all things beauty, fashion and eligible men.

I may have been thrown in at the deep end, but the good news is I’m learning fast. Sunin was a hair dye from the 1980s and it’s back at Superdrug, nudes are in (it’s a clothing colour!) and House of Holland is not in Amsterdam, it’s a design house which has just lent its touch to a new range of tights from Pretty Polly.

On the client front, it’s also been in at the deep end. Easter for new client B&Q is like Christmas was for my old employer (very busy!!) and in the three weeks I’ve been here we’ve issued, on behalf of B&Q, three national news stories, there’s been two store openings, a product release every day and I’ve become an expert on peat, apprentices and green energy.

And we’re not expecting any let-up in pace. Two busy DIY bank holiday weekends are on the way and the onset of summer means Britain gets busy in its garden – not surprisingly a key time for the UK’s biggest garden retailer.

So business as usual at Z PR, there’s just a man about the place.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Every young girls dream...

Us ZPR girls do like to work in style and recently we were involved in what you could call "every young girls dream". Our client Superdrug was involved in the TV show, Coleen's Real Women - as the Liverpool lass trawled the streets to find a new face for Superdrug, finally picking the gorgeous looking Liz. Zaria, Jenny and Lucy made their claim to fame with helping Coleen to pick the new face! Once again this week we were mixing it up with the celebs- as the Superdrug team met with the lovely Girls Aloud in the Westfield store as they brought out a range of luscious lashes and did a signing in store which was very successful and mobbed full of Girls Aloud worshippers!

Also on the beauty front Selfridges had lifestyle editor of The Metro Bel Jacobs experience working behind the counters of Illamasqua, Creed, Trish McEvoy and Kiehls and said she was inspired by the girls who worked there!

On Monday, we launched the 'Investment Easter Egg' at Selfridges - a luxurious chocolate egg complete with a one ounce gold bullion coin. The delicious handmade chocolate egg by chocolate makers Melt, priced £1000, actually makes for a wise investment with the value of gold set to rise during 2009, despite the current economic climate. The egg really is worth its weight in gold!