Thursday, 2 June 2011

ZPR 10th Anniversary Celebrations!

This week has been all about the ZPR 10th anniversary celebrations. The ZPR team were joined by clients, friends, and journalists to ensure last nights party went off with a bang! The party took place in the super stylish gallery below our office, where the fabulous Lisa Moorish DJ’d with some funky 80’s classics – making it irresistible for some of the team to bust just a few moves on the quiet…Lucy G and Georgia!

Rocket provided the canapés and drinks for the evening, which seemed to be thoroughly enjoyed by all - if we can judge it on the rate they disappeared for the platters! Everyone ooh’d and ahh’d over our the rare tuna spring rolls, ricotta parcels and miniature slices of beef Wellington to name a few – but more importantly the delicious treat desserts, and mini ZPR cupcakes were what all the party guests were desperate to get their hands on! Eating all of this delicious food of course makes thirsty work, and the canapés were washed down with lots of celebratory champagne and special ZPR style Zellini cocktails!

The atmosphere was fantastic as we were joined by some of ZPR’s most loyal and respected friends and supporters, who all came along to wish us a happy ten year anniversary. To mark the occasion we asked our guests to sign our special ZPR commemorative cheque book to tell us which charity they would like to us donate some money to, as a birthday gift from ZPR.

Judging by the amount of thank-you tweets we received this morning we can definitely say our party was a hit and enjoyed by all! Here’s to another fabulous ten years of ZPR!